If You're Seeing This, Congratulations!

You received a link to this page because of an exclusive invitation I want to extend to all of you to join a three-month, "Post COVID-19 Socializing Success Boot Camp. For the next 90-days and your fellow Pinkies will embark on an intimate group coaching experience. I, your fellow introvert sister, will provide you a weekly (or two) lesson on all the aspects of socializing, networking, and romancing tailor-made to our temperament, so we never have to act phony or fake, but get the tools you need to manifest your most authentic, charming, and charismatic self.

So...yeah. You're shy, a bit awkward, and introverted.

That's great!

Introverts like me spend a lot of time living in our own heads. We have entire universes swirling around in them. Unlike extroverts, we keep our thoughts to ourselves, and we don’t vocalize with streams of consciousness. Most of us like people and making friends and connections, but too many people for too much time drains us of our life force. Staying home on a Friday or Saturday night is more appealing to us than clubbing or bar hopping. Some of us like reading books over reading people.

So what?

Our introspection can leave us feeling so much self-doubt about perceived poor performance or lack of any visible success. The things extroverts do to make connections—small talk, comfort at being the center of attention—feels both fake and frightening to us. Some of us feel awkward and fail to understand social cues, and that self-conscious fear can keep us from connecting with a valuable tribe of potential friends, allies, and romantic partners. Sometimes people interpret our reticence as disinterest, untrustworthy, or haughty. We both struggle for and against the desire for people to see the “real us.”

Who's the 'Real Me?'

I’m Christelyn Karazin, and I’m an introvert just like you. I love reading books more than reading people. I feel absolutely no shame at staying home Saturday through Saturday. My friends and partner often have to drag me out of the house at times—and the claw marks on the floor prove it! I have sometimes struggled with what to say and babbled like a nattering ninny when I was nervous. Despite all this, I became a published author, cultural icon in the black-woman-empowerment space, and successful coach and online course creator. I lead the helm of the black-woman “swirling movement,” that is, interracial dating and marriage. I’ve gone viral more times than I can count. I’ve been cited as a source from CNN to The New York Post and everything in between. I’m responsible for the viral internet meme, “No Wedding No Womb,” and was so popular it got me a seat at the table of the governor’s mansion. How is that even possible?

Being an introvert is only part of who I am, not all of who I am. 

Just like you.

There is so much more to you than your introverted temperament. There is so much about you that the world is dying to discover, and your challenge is to discover and harness your strengths and passions in ways that get you the maximum positive outcomes. 

Let me help you get this out of the way: this course isn’t about trying to make you into a totally different person that is completely alien to you. 

If you’re anything like me, you know that knowledge is the key to everything. I develop my programs free of fluff and filler and get right into the practical steps for your transformation. After you finish this course, you’ll still be you…just the best version of you.

Successful Socializing For The Shy, Awkward, and Introverted