What "Type" of Black Woman Dates a Guy Like You?

In this video, you'll learn about the types of black women who are traditionally open to interracial relationships.

Here's here's a general profile of some characteristics and markers, but note that these are GENERALITIES based on interviews and encounters with such women during the 8 years I've done this work.

  • She's college educated and/or has an advanced degree
  • She was raised in a predominately white or diverse community
  • She was raised in a middle or upper middle class home
  • She has a variety of friends from different cultures and races
  • Other women in her family are in interracial or intercultural relationships
  • She currently lives in a multicultural or predominately white neighborhood
  • She goes to a non-denominational church
  • She's an atheist or agnostic
  • She's interested in gaming
  • She's a nerd
  • She's interested in comics, graphic novels, and likes events like Comic Con
  • She has a diverse interest in music genres--especially country, heavy metal, and alternative/classic rock
  • She's traveled internationally and has a passport
  • She speaks multiple languages
  • Her family is from countries in Africa or the Caribbean
  • She jokes that some black people make jokes about her being "different" than the "typical" black person, or that they made fun of her grammar and syntax
  • She is phenotypically "black looking." She wears her natural hair and both her parents are black
  • She's interested in other cultures besides her own
  • If she is biracial, she has a non-black father

How to discover her openness through small talk:

  • Ask her who her childhood and teenage crushes were.
  • Ask her if she had the chance to have dinner with any famous person, past or present, who might it be.
  • Ask her what her favorite books were
  • Ask her what her favorite television shows are

In short, if the answers are ALL answered by references to black people, you'll have a general idea if she's interested in dating non-black men.