The Insidious Lure of Meanness

Why Black Women Flock to Negative Narratives

The Pink Pill and KsC Discuss Self-Verification

Consciously, the majority of black women want to live a prosperous and abundant life, surrounded by loving people of support and uplift them. However, there's a darkness that lures us, and attracts to negative messages that confirm our deepest, darkest thoughts of who and what we believe we are. The results of this double-mindedness are devastating: because believing the negative affects every important decision we make--especially our choices for relationships.

Join Christelyn Karazin and Kendall St. Charles for the replay of a two-day event exploring this phenomenon, and strategies to reprogram the negative thoughts that keep us in a negative feedback loop. Nearly a dozen hours of valuable, life-changing content!

What participants said about the seminar...

I am a 25 year old software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Thank you both so much for giving me 10 hours of your time during the holidays to teach me about self-verification, trauma bonding, and tribal shaming. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. I really needed to hear that message about shutting up and getting out of my own way. I came in seeking to find ways to cultivate my womanhood and you provided so much more. I left the event with actionable tasks I can start right away. This seminar is a pivotal moment in my life and has caused me to do a deep self-assessment. I am extremely grateful for you two to have thought it not robbery to share your wisdom and knowledge with me. The price of the Purple Pill was so worth it! A veil of ignorance was lifted off my eyes and I know this is just the beginning for me. --Candace

I decided to invest in this Purple Pill event after being profoundly intrigued by a youtube video on the Pink Pill Youtube Channel. Having taken the Original Pink Pill course, I knew that Christelyn did not play about providing quality content to her pinkies so I was excited to experience this collaboration with KSC. This event was led by two women who are very wise and clearly passionate about expanding the minds of black women. I could never have guessed how much invaluable information I would have received. This has opened my eyes in a way that even therapy has not up to this point. I feel validated, encouraged, and excited to implement the tools I have gained into my journey. I would highly recommend a Purple Pill event for any black woman who is seeking to better herself and is willing to learn. --Melanie M.

Thank you to both you and Kendal for hosting such a wonderful event for us! I have, like many individuals, struggled with body image and self-love. Even though I’ve had the knowledge that beauty wasn’t the most important factor, emotionally and spiritually this did not resonate with me. I realized through your messages that I did adopt some of my beauty and racial myths from both my parents. I felt like my blackness prevented me from expansion, and that my only escape from misery, misfortune, and poverty was exceptional beauty. So I obsessed over it for years. My self-verification attracted HORRIBLE relationships and circumstances. I am still reeling from trauma and a shattered heart and still hold onto some beliefs that I am unworthy of love. I too have suffered from years of depression, social isolation, and deep, deep pain. I was actually depressed over my perceived mediocrity prior to joining the seminar. I am impressed by the film that was chosen for the study. It finally clicked that looks were irrelevant when it came to parental wounds. Here was Gia, who was considered an “objective” beauty because she was chosen as a model. However, she had a gaping mother wound and was starving emotionally. Despite her physical beauty, she suffered and died. Both you and Kendal have taught me that in order to truly see my worth, I need to heal and manage my parental wounds. It’s a very intense, inconvenient process, but it’s worth it to continue on my journey. I also enjoyed the slides and all of the empirical information presented. I also enjoyed the blending of teaching styles. Overall, I am very pleased with the purple pill program. Thank you for all of your time, effort, kindness, compassion, energy, and research! --Clairliz

Given what I knew of Youtube lives with Christelyn Karazin (pink pill) and Kendall St. Charles (blue pill), I knew any purple pill private event would be worth an investment. “The Insidious Lure of Meaness” interested me, because I wanted to understand why masses of black women flock to “advice” and messages weaponized against them.
The first day focused on decoding the false facts and tricky talking point tactics used against black women. The second day’s film study was a powerful teaching tool. The overall group dynamics and Q&As provided great moments on both days, too.
Moreover, my experience was more like “The Insidious Lure of Me Mess”. I discovered a shocking level of meaness I committed against myself: self sabotage, ways I didn’t/don’t show up for myself, etc. It wasn’t just about black women. It was more about this black woman. For your win, for your heal... take the purple pill!--T.P.

I just discovered you both about a year and a half ago and during that time I have learned so much. You both have confirmed a lot of what I have always felt and knew in my heart, but was to afraid to say out of my mouth. Through your teachings, I can feel in my heart and in my mind becoming more of a sovereign woman, ready to enter into my future with a sound mind. What you both do through your work is absolutely life changing and life-saving for black women...for those that have a mind and a heart to truly listen.
The content in this event should actually be written in a book or taught in psychology or African American culture classes in universities. I shutter to think what will happen to black women and our futures if we do not grasp the concepts of this event.
I'm actually becoming a little emotional writing this thinking about the insults, slander, threats, and numerous other hate filled actions both black men and women have thrown at you both, yet still you both continue to try to heal our issues and wounds and show us there is a better way. That is truly knowing and operating in your purpose of why you are on this earth.
Thank you both for giving us the opportunity to share with you what is in our hearts and I look forward to seeing what's in store for 2021! --Jervon

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